We Are Passionate About Helping Young Entrepreneurs To Succeed

Startup Chill aims at helping early-stage startups and mentors get connected and work together efficiently.

Chill Mentor App

We connect mentors and young entrepreneurs when they have the same interest in each other. 

Sign up as mentees or mentors account and fill out all necessary information.

Start searching for each other then click “Interested” if you want to work with that person.

Have a phone call or messages inside the app.

Training Materials

We build tailoured training materials based on mentees’ problems. 

The categories include Sales, Idea Validation, Technology, Finance, Design, Pitching, Team Building, Legal and Others.

Become our mentors

“It’s always great to help young entrepreneurs to further develop their business idea”. 

More people need your help than you think. We can help you to become a great mentor.

Join The Revolution

Our team has diverse backgrounds from marketing, IT, and communications.

Being in student entrepreneurship societies for a long time, we really understand the pains of young entrepreneurs. That’s why we want to make a change!

Tho Doan

Tho Doan

Founder & Product Developer

Lam Nguyen

Lam Nguyen

Co-Founder & Communicator

Quang Nguyen

Quang Nguyen


And You?

And You?

Another great member

If you want to share our mission of helping student & young entrepreneurs, contact us at [email protected]

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